NFT artwork: Batman on the blockchain

NFTs (short for Non Fungible Token) enable traditional art and blockchain technology to merge and are taking the crypto market by storm. Now two greats from both areas are collaborating: comic artist José Delbo and crypto artist Trevor Jones are bringing Batman to the blockchain.

DC Comics‘ José Delbo partners with crypto artist Trevor Jones to produce NFT virtual artwork. They create four different works of art by the world-famous superhero Batman. These will be according to reportof the trendy magazine Decrypt will be available on the MakersPlace platform from Thursday, October 15th.

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NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. Simply put, these are tokens that are neither replicable nor destructible. This makes them unique, unlike fungible tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Especially for virtual art or computer games, it can be of great interest to produce unique and non-exchangeable virtual goods.

That is why, in addition to the Defi hype, many NFT projects have been picking up speed recently. On October 7, selling the traditional auction house Christie’s, the most expensive NFT artwork in the world. An unknown bidder bought the painting “Block 21” for just over 130,000 US dollars. This painting shows part of the Bitcoin code and was sold with an associated NFT that perpetuates the owner and other relevant information on the blockchain.

A new kind of artist

José Delbo is a well-known Argentine artist who has worked with names like DC Comics and Marvel. Here he worked on Wonder Woman and Transformers, among others. Now he finds a new passion: the fusion of art and technology. Instead of a canvas, it is realized today on the blockchain. NFT makes it possible. A new kind of art and artists is in the starting blocks.

Delbo believes the ecosystem is still in its infancy and will only really pick up speed in the years to come. He and Jones have already sold some NFT artwork for prices ranging from 20 to over 150 ETH ($ 7,400 to $ 58,000). It is expected that the upcoming auction will exceed these sums.

At this one auctioned four different works of art of the world-famous superhero Batman, which were created in collaboration with Delbo and crypto-artist Trevor Jones. Two of them paintings, the other two animations. The auction takes place on the MakersPlace platform. Other platforms that are receiving a lot of attention in the current market situation are Opensea, Enjin and Rarible. Again, NFTs are sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

NFT artwork: Batman on the blockchain
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