Bitcoin si trova a un „ punto di svolta “ nel commercio internazionale, afferma Citi

L’adozione mainstream è alla portata di Bitcoin, secondo gli analisti di Citi.

La più grande criptovaluta del mondo, Bitcoin ( BTC ), si trova in un momento decisivo nella storia, secondo l’analisi della banca d’investimento statunitense Citigroup

Bitcoin è ora a un „punto di svolta“ per diventare la valuta preferita per il commercio internazionale o per affrontare una „implosione speculativa“, hanno detto gli analisti di Citi.

Secondo un rapporto Reuters di lunedì, gli analisti di Citi sono fiduciosi che Bitcoin sia sul punto di diventare mainstream. Secondo il rapporto, l’enorme potenziale di Bitcoin è stato alimentato dalle recenti grandi mosse di Bitcoin da parte di aziende come Tesla e Mastercard .

Gli analisti di Citi hanno scritto: „Ci sono una serie di rischi e ostacoli che si frappongono al progresso di Bitcoin. Ma soppesare questi potenziali ostacoli rispetto alle opportunità porta alla conclusione che Bitcoin è a un punto di svolta „.

Gli analisti di Citi hanno anche suggerito che l’adozione mainstream di Bitcoin potrebbe essere aiutata dagli sviluppi della valuta digitale come le valute digitali della banca centrale e le stablecoin fiat

La notizia arriva nel mezzo di un’importante correzione sul mercato delle criptovalute, con Bitcoin che è sceso sotto i $ 44.000 ieri dopo aver raggiunto un nuovo massimo storico di oltre $ 58.000 all’inizio di febbraio. Al momento della pubblicazione, Bitcoin viene scambiato a $ 47.285, in aumento di circa il 4,5% nelle ultime 24 ore, secondo i dati dell’indice dei prezzi Bitcoin di Cointelegraph.

Secondo alcuni esperti, la regolamentazione globale potrebbe essere uno dei maggiori ostacoli all’adozione di Bitcoin da parte degli investitori istituzionali. Il direttore della ricerca sugli investimenti di Bridgewater, Rebecca Patterson, ha affermato mercoledì scorso che la certezza normativa intorno a Bitcoin risolverebbe alcuni dei maggiori problemi della criptovaluta associati all’elevata volatilità e alla bassa liquidità.

Bitcoin ranks ninth largest asset in the world, moving closer to Alibaba and Tesla

Bitcoin is now ranked ninth asset in terms of market capitalization.

The main digital asset is getting closer to Alibaba and Tesla.

BTC continues to break all-time highs breaking above $ 35,000 for the first time.

Bitcoin continues a very strong rally that started at the end of 2020, briefly touching the $ 36,000 threshold before retreating.

As Bitcoin continues to set new record highs , it is also climbing the ranks of the largest assets in terms of market capitalization.

According to AssetDash , Bitcoin has overtaken the Taiwan Semiconductor Company to become the ninth largest asset in the world. The move follows last week’s news that the leading digital asset has overtaken Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in terms of total market capitalization.

Bitcoin is climbing the ranks

With Bitcoin’s latest rally, it is quickly catching up to two other big global companies – Alibaba Group Holdings and Tesla. The two are respectively run by famous entrepreneurs Jack Ma and Elon Musk. If Bitcoin continues on its current trajectory, it should quickly overtake these two companies by market capitalization.

CME Bitcoin Futures

At the time of going to press, Bitcoin is only $ 10 billion less than to overtake Alibaba Group Holdings as the eighth asset in terms of market capitalization. This is growth that would represent only 2.6% of its current valuation.

If it outperforms Alibaba, Bitcoin would need to add an additional $ 36 billion in market cap to overtake Tesla, a move that would require additional growth of just over 7%.

Growing institutional interest

Many wonder if this bull run will follow in 2017’s footsteps, or result in as severe a correction as in subsequent years.

When it comes to Bitcoin in particular, one of the main differences between the two bull races is institutional interest. In 2017, the price was mainly carried by individual investors. With this current bull run, companies are buying for billions of dollars.

Companies and hedge funds that buy Bitcoin do so for a variety of reasons, but it mostly appears to be a way to preserve their cash reserves and act as a hedge against inflation. MicroStrategy and CEO Michael Saylor were among the first to set this precedent, investing more than $ 1 billion of MicroStrategy’s reserve holdings in Bitcoin.

Institutionalists prefer to buy bitcoins on OTC platforms

Most institutional investors buy bitcoins on over-the-counter (OTC) platforms, TradeBlock analyst John Todaro said.

In his view, the activity of big players on such platforms is an indication that they do not want to influence the overall market. Buying BTC on OTC platforms does not exacerbate volatility as dramatically as it would if institutions were buying coins on centralised crypto exchanges.

Large financial institutions also prefer to use OTC because the purchase of cryptocurrency on such platforms is not as transparent as on exchanges.

The CryptoQuant team draws attention to the fact that some institutions are gradually moving to exchanges. This trend shows that they are no longer trying to remain anonymous and are not afraid to show that they have bitcoins.

Overall, however, it is too early to talk about a large-scale move away from OTC platforms by major players.

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young-ju stressed that currently the lion’s share of bitcoin transactions is still made on OTC platforms.

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Google searches for Ethereum reach a new annual record

The enthusiasm surrounding the Ethereum is far from disappearing, as Google Trends reveals that the number of searches is increasing

Ethereum’s recent – impressive – performance has been reflected by an increase in Google searches that are fast approaching levels not seen since 2018.

Cryptomoeda’s popularity on the Internet has reached an annual peak in the United States, thanks to searches in California, New York and Washington.

The situation is no different in other regions of the world. This tremendous growth in November has already surpassed the levels recorded in the last two years. The four main cities with the highest density of these Google searches are San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto and Vienna.

It is not surprising that interest in the Ethereum is growing

There are some factors that may be driving the increase. To start with, Ethereum prices have been skyrocketing lately, which may explain the trend observed on Google. Bitcoin Victory like Ethereum prices are up and closing at levels last recorded in 2018.

The growing interest in Ethereum on Google may also be a result of the growing exaggeration after the adoption of institutional customers. The global payment services company PayPal has recently confirmed support for cryptomoeda, including Ethereum on its platform.

The upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0 may be another reason for the increase in popularity. Ethereum 2.0 is arguably the hottest crypto-verse topic at the moment. The long-awaited update is scheduled to be released on December 1st.

Does the interest affect the price of cryptomeda?

The question of $64 million at the moment is whether the increase in interest impacts the price of ETH or whether it is merely a coincidence.

There is no solid argument to explain the relationship between the two factors. However, the figures presented give the impression that there is at least some correlation. In the past, an increase in price used to align with an increase in Google searches and vice versa.

That said, it is almost impossible to make a concrete comparison at this stage. It is not yet clear whether the increase in interest is the cause or the effect of the upward trend.

Playing Loto without risking losing is possible on Ethereum – What if you voted for the future of decentralized JDF?

We have told you several times about the No-Loser Lottery, Pool Together . Several things come to explain this phenomenon. Beyond its playful aspect, Pool Together is one of the concepts capable of proving the potential of smart contracts and Ethereum: a new type of applications inconceivable before.

It is sort of a glimpse into the future, and you have until November 13 to vote

To vote, you must first have tickets that make you eligible . The vote brings the number of winners in the weekly lottery. Until now, the lottery has awarded the entire prize to a single winner. The team’s position was to create a new lottery as soon as the potential payout of the previous one exceeded the equivalent of $ 10,000 .

This rule is about to change since it is now possible, until November 13, to vote to change or not the number of weekly winners .

For the actual vote, all you have to do is sign a message

Therefore, you will not have to pay any transaction fees . This positive point deserves to be underlined insofar as these currently high fees of Ethereum would limit the interest of such a vote.

For the moment, the community has voted to increase the number of winners in each lottery, from “one winner” to between “two and five winners” . The lottery bonus prizes , consisting in particular of donations and NFTs ( non fungible tokens ) , would be awarded to one winner , while the others would share the interest generated fairly according to their number.

Personally, I voted for there to be no change. This choice is justified mainly by the interest that constitutes the gain of an equivalent or close to 10,000 dollars. Indeed, such a sum is close to that used by the association .

Indeed, it regularly draws lots an individual in order to allocate him 1,000 euros per month for one year (you can also participate, registration is free). Such a sum therefore has a greater influence on the course of a life. However, the idea of ​​a larger number of winners also has many advantages and the popularity of this choice makes sense.

MoAfrika – Afrikas größter Online-Reiseveranstalter akzeptiert jetzt Bitcoin

PRESSEMITTEILUNG. Mit gelockerten Beschränkungen der Sperrmaßnahmen in zahlreichen Ländern der Welt hat Afrika seine Türen für Touristen auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene wieder einmal geöffnet – allerdings mit strengen Gesundheitsvorschriften, um die Sicherheit des gesamten Personals und der Besucher zu gewährleisten.

Afrikas größter Online-Reiseveranstalter, MoAfrika, bietet Touristen aus aller Welt die Möglichkeit, den wunderschönen afrikanischen Kontinent in seiner ganzen Länge und Breite zu bereisen, indem er sein einzigartiges Reiseangebot nutzt, jetzt mit einem zusätzlichen Vorteil.

MoAfrika unterstützt nun die Zahlung in Bitcoin, so dass Touristen, unabhängig davon, wo sie sich befinden oder wohin sie reisen möchten, den Vorteil haben, ihre Bitcoin bei der Bezahlung ihres Urlaubs einzusetzen und gleichzeitig die Gewissheit zu haben, dass sie den bestmöglichen Service erhalten.

Das MoAfrika verfügt zusammengenommen über mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung im südafrikanischen Tourismus und bietet Touristen, deren Mitarbeiter aus einem jungen und ehrgeizigen Team bestehen, die Gewähr, dass Touristen bei der Buchung über diesen Reiseveranstalter ein unvergessliches Erlebnis haben.

Alle Reisen sind umweltfreundlich, und das MoAfrika ist von der Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) akkreditiert, die als strenge Regulierungsbehörde in der Tourismusbranche dafür sorgt, dass die Mitglieder die beste Dienstleistungsqualität in der Branche bieten.

Wenn man bedenkt, dass sich die Welt mehr und mehr in Richtung Digitalisierung bewegt, ist die Akzeptanz von Bitcoin nur eines von vielen Dingen, die das MoAfrika einsetzt, um sicherzustellen, dass Touristen bei jeder Online-Buchung Komfort und Bequemlichkeit zur Hand haben.

Der Vorteil von Bitcoin als Zahlungsmethode

Bitcoin ist die beliebteste und am meisten geschätzte Krypto-Währung, die auf der ganzen Welt große Akzeptanz gefunden hat. Da nun mehr Händler in Südafrika Bitcoin akzeptieren, hat sie Transaktionen so viel einfacher und schneller gemacht.

Bitcoin ist eine digitale Währung, die nicht in der gleichen Weise eingeschränkt ist wie Fiat-Währungen, und darüber hinaus ist sie frei von Inflation, Korruption und Manipulation, da sie nicht der gleichen Geldpolitik entspricht, der Fiat-Währungen unterworfen sind.

Mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, Bitcoin zu kaufen, zu verkaufen, zu tauschen und zu handeln, können Touristen, die im Besitz von Bitcoin sind und mit Bitcoin ihr nächstes Abenteuer finanzieren möchten, die Möglichkeiten nutzen, die das MoAfrika dafür bietet.

Darüber hinaus sind die Kosten für Zahlungen mit Bitcoin viel niedriger als herkömmliche Transaktionskosten bei Zahlungen, und aufgrund der verschlüsselten Natur und der Sicherheitsmerkmale, die mit Krypto-Geldbörsen verbunden sind, können Touristen, die mit Bitcoin bezahlen, sicher sein, dass Zahlungen gesichert sind und dass ihre Daten jederzeit geschützt sind.

NFT artwork: Batman on the blockchain

NFTs (short for Non Fungible Token) enable traditional art and blockchain technology to merge and are taking the crypto market by storm. Now two greats from both areas are collaborating: comic artist José Delbo and crypto artist Trevor Jones are bringing Batman to the blockchain.

DC Comics‘ José Delbo partners with crypto artist Trevor Jones to produce NFT virtual artwork. They create four different works of art by the world-famous superhero Batman. These will be according to reportof the trendy magazine Decrypt will be available on the MakersPlace platform from Thursday, October 15th.

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NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. Simply put, these are tokens that are neither replicable nor destructible. This makes them unique, unlike fungible tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Especially for virtual art or computer games, it can be of great interest to produce unique and non-exchangeable virtual goods.

That is why, in addition to the Defi hype, many NFT projects have been picking up speed recently. On October 7, selling the traditional auction house Christie’s, the most expensive NFT artwork in the world. An unknown bidder bought the painting “Block 21” for just over 130,000 US dollars. This painting shows part of the Bitcoin code and was sold with an associated NFT that perpetuates the owner and other relevant information on the blockchain.

A new kind of artist

José Delbo is a well-known Argentine artist who has worked with names like DC Comics and Marvel. Here he worked on Wonder Woman and Transformers, among others. Now he finds a new passion: the fusion of art and technology. Instead of a canvas, it is realized today on the blockchain. NFT makes it possible. A new kind of art and artists is in the starting blocks.

Delbo believes the ecosystem is still in its infancy and will only really pick up speed in the years to come. He and Jones have already sold some NFT artwork for prices ranging from 20 to over 150 ETH ($ 7,400 to $ 58,000). It is expected that the upcoming auction will exceed these sums.

At this one auctioned four different works of art of the world-famous superhero Batman, which were created in collaboration with Delbo and crypto-artist Trevor Jones. Two of them paintings, the other two animations. The auction takes place on the MakersPlace platform. Other platforms that are receiving a lot of attention in the current market situation are Opensea, Enjin and Rarible. Again, NFTs are sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Envoltura del mercado: Bitcoin gana constantemente hasta 10,7 mil dólares; las tarifas de etéreo son las más bajas de los últimos dos meses.

El precio de Bitcoin aumenta constantemente después de las malas noticias de la semana pasada; mientras que los honorarios de Ethereum caen.

Bitcoin (BTC) está cotizando alrededor de 10.734 dólares a las 20:15 UTC (4:15 p.m. ET). Ganando un 0,51% en las últimas 24 horas.
El rango de 24 horas de Bitcoin: $10,621-$10,775

BTC por encima de sus promedios móviles de 10 y 50 días, una señal alcista para los técnicos del mercado.

El precio de Bitcoin Bank ha estado en constante aumento desde el sábado, alcanzando los 10.775 dólares el lunes en los mercados al contado como Coinbase. Cindy Leow, directora de cartera de 256 Capital Partners, una empresa de comercio multi-estratégica, señala la capacidad de Bitcoin para recuperarse de las recientes noticias desagradables. „Bitcoin se ha recuperado rápidamente de las noticias sobre la [Comisión de Comercio de Futuros de Materias Primas] y la acusación del Departamento de Justicia contra BitMEX, así como de las noticias de que el [Pres. Donald] Trump ha contratado a COVID, hablando de su resistencia a corto plazo“.

A pesar del rebote de bitcoin, Constantin Kogan, socio del fondo de fondos criptográficos BitBull Capital, está preocupado porque el mercado de derivados indica que muchos comerciantes todavía están sentados. „Bitcoin ha estado atascado en un canal de entre 10.000 y 11.000 dólares durante el último mes“, dijo. „Los rendimientos de los préstamos han caído de forma generalizada mientras los inversores esperan el retorno de la volatilidad y miden los impactos potenciales de la sorprendente caída de BitMEX“.

Un signo de angustia se puede ver comparando las tasas de financiación de Bitcoin con las de los competidores. Las tasas de financiación son los honorarios pagados por una parte de un contrato de futuros a la otra. Cuando son positivas, generalmente reflejan un sentimiento alcista, mientras que las tasas negativas son bajistas.

Pero la tasa de financiación negativa de BitMEX puede ser una señal de que los inversores están abandonando el lugar, según Vishal Shah, un comerciante de opciones y fundador de la bolsa de derivados Alpha5.

La tasa de financiación de BitMEX está actualmente alrededor de -0,0124%, mientras que las tasas de financiación de los principales competidores han estado en o cerca de cero en los últimos tres días.

„Es una función de los vientos“, dijo Shah. „Las posiciones largas se están desenrollando hasta cierto punto, el interés abierto ha caído materialmente, como se esperaba.“

„Esto hace que BitMEX sea un lugar relativamente más barato para que los jugadores denominados BTC obtengan una ventaja en la cima“, dijo Shah. „Pero ese descuento no es material; tendrías que justificar el riesgo de un 5-10% de ganancia anualizada dado el exceso de reglamentación“.

Mientras que muchos inversores están perdiendo justificadamente el interés en BitMEX debido a sus inminentes problemas legales, el dominio de BitMEX, su cuota de mercado en relación con la capitalización total de la criptografía, ha estado rebotando desde los mínimos de 2020 en septiembre.

El dominio que comienza a tender hacia arriba podría afectar al precio, especialmente si hay presión de venta tanto en bitcoin como en altcoins, dijo 256 Capital’s Leow. „Aunque esto puede parecer alcista para BTC, también es una señal de advertencia: Cuando las alts de baja capitalización se desploman mientras BTC se mantiene plana, BTC tiende a seguir el ejemplo a corto plazo.“

Las tasas diarias del Etéreo bajan

La segunda mayor criptodivisa por capitalización de mercado, el éter (ETH), bajó el lunes cotizando alrededor de 351 dólares y bajó un 0,37% en 24 horas a partir de las 20:15 UTC (4:15 p.m. ET).

Los honorarios de Ethereum ascendieron a 5.560 ETH el sábado, la cantidad más baja gastada en la red desde el 8 de agosto. Utilizadas para realizar transacciones e interactuar con contratos inteligentes que constituyen finanzas descentralizadas o DeFi, las tarifas de Ethereum han estado alcanzando últimamente sus niveles más altos. El 17 de septiembre, por ejemplo, se pagó un récord de 42.763 ETH en honorarios a los mineros.

Jean-Marc Bonnefous, socio gerente de Tellurian Capital, una empresa de inversiones, no espera que los honorarios del Ethereum, también conocido como gas, se mantengan bajos. „Sospecho que esto es una tregua temporal sólo porque la cuestión estructural de los costos del gas no ha desaparecido“, dijo. Los comerciantes podrían aprovechar el respiro en las tarifas para reequilibrarse, señaló Bonnefous. „Puede ser un buen momento para reajustar las carteras a un costo más barato“.

Le prix du Bitcoin baisse des heures après que les cofondateurs de BitMEX ont été facturés par la CFTC

La première crypto-monnaie se négociait près de 10612 $ au moment de la rédaction de cet article et représente également une baisse d’environ 4% au cours des dernières 24 heures, selon les données de trading. Les prix ont chuté de près de 300 $ en quelques minutes, mais ont légèrement rebondi au moment de la rédaction de cet article; mais le prix du BTC a chuté d’environ 500 dollars en quelques minutes sur Binance .

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, les prix du BTC avaient atteint un sommet historique de 10920 $ et sont tombés à environ 10500 $

L’indicateur d’élan, l’indice de force relative (RSI), indiquait également 30 et allait en dessous, indiquant une condition de survente, comme le montre l’image ci-dessous.

La baisse soudaine des prix pourrait être le résultat de liquidations coïncidant avec les récentes nouvelles des agences fédérales américaines, la Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) et le ministère de la Justice, accusant les cofondateurs de BitMEX pour violation de la réglementation. L’échange BitMEX est la cinquième plus grande plate-forme de dérivés cryptographiques au monde en volume, selon CoinGecko et selon les données de coinmetrics publiées sur Twitter, BitMEX a 2 milliards de dollars de Bitcoin dans leurs coffres (environ 193k BTC).

Le graphique de la forte baisse des prix du BTC publié sur Twitter mérite également d’être noté:

Au cours des derniers jours, le Bitcoin était régulièrement au-dessus de 10000 $ et il faudra garder un œil sur la question de savoir si la tendance s’inversera ou non.

En réaction à la levée des charges par la CFTC contre BitMEX, ce dernier a publié un communiqué officiel qui disait :

«Nous sommes totalement en désaccord avec la décision autoritaire du gouvernement américain de porter ces accusations et avons l’intention de défendre vigoureusement les allégations. Depuis nos débuts en tant que start-up, nous avons toujours cherché à nous conformer aux lois américaines applicables, telles qu’elles étaient comprises à l’époque et sur la base des indications disponibles. “

Le blog a également déclaré que la plate-forme BitMEX «fonctionnait tout à fait normalement et que tous les fonds sont en sécurité». Il a également ajouté que: «Pour dissiper toute préoccupation potentielle des clients, les demandes de retrait en attente ont été traitées à 17h45 UTC, conformément à nos procédures standard. Nous traiterons un autre retrait hors cycle à 08h00 UTC, le 2 octobre 2020, puis à 13h00 UTC, comme d’habitude. »

NovaDax lupaa ilmaisen bitcoinin uudessa kampanjassa Brasiliassa

Mainostaessaan korttinsa julkaisua Brasiliassa NovaDax lupaa antaa bitcoin-bonuksen kampanjaan liittyneille

NovaDax lupaa ilmaisen bitcoinin uudessa kampanjassa Brasiliassa

NovaDAX, Abakus-konsernin kryptovaluuttakauppayksikkö, ilmoitti aloittavansa erityisen kampanjan NovaDAX-kortin käynnistämiseksi.

Yrityksen mukaan kampanjassa on siis bonus asiakkaille, jotka aktivoivat korttinsa ja suorittavat joitain toimintoja yrityksen sosiaalisissa verkostoissa.

Suurin osa Forbesin Brasiliassa mainitsemista miljardööreistä on osa rahoitus- ja investointisektoria

Siksi kortin aktivoimisen jälkeen asiakas voi saada 10 dollaria Bitcoin- ja Novawards PRO -pisteinä bonuksena.

Yrityksen mukaan kampanjaan osallistuminen edellyttää siis vain vuorovaikutusta Facebookin tai Instagramin kautta ja täyttämällä linkissä oleva osallistumislomake.

Huolimatta yli 10 prosentin pudotuksesta, ABCripton Safiri Felix uskoo, että Bitcoin voi saavuttaa historiallisen korkean tason

Osallistuakseen Facebookiin, asiakkaan on noudatettava ohjeita:

Lähetä valokuva tai video syötteeseen NovaDAX-kortilla merkitsemällä yrityksen profiili (@OfficialNovaDAX) ja kertomalla, kuinka aiot käyttää sitä päivittäin.
Täytä ja lähetä lomake.

Jotta voisit osallistua Instagramiin, vaiheet ovat samanlaiset kuin Facebook:

Lähetä valokuva tai video syötteeseen tai tarinoihin NovaDAX-kortilla merkitsemällä yrityksen profiili (@novadaxofficial) ja kertomalla, kuinka aiot käyttää sitä päivittäin. Tässä asiakkaan on käytettävä postissa myös #cartaonovadax.
Lähetä postitus DM: n kautta (suora viesti) Novadaxille Instagramissa.
Täytä ja lähetä lomake.

Yrityksen mukaan kukin asiakas voi saada bonuksen vain kerran, vaikka hän tekisi useamman kuin yhden viestin sosiaalisissa verkostoissa.

Kasvuaika osoittaa, milloin Bitcoinin hinta voi nousta 387 000 dollariin analyytikon mukaan

Pörssi tarkistaa tehdyt kirjaukset ja asiakastilit 24 työpäivän kuluessa, jotta bonukset ovat käytettävissä 7 työpäivän kuluessa heidän tilillään.

Arvojen tarkistamiseksi asiakkaan on vain käytettävä tilinsä ja tarkistettava R $ 10 Bitcoinissa, ja lunastuspisteiden tarkastelemiseksi on käytettävä Novawards PRO -ohjelmaa.