Jahr: 2020

Institutionalists prefer to buy bitcoins on OTC platforms

Most institutional investors buy bitcoins on over-the-counter (OTC) platforms, TradeBlock analyst John Todaro said. In his view, the activity of big players on such platforms is an indication that they do not want to influence the overall market. Buying BTC on OTC platforms does not exacerbate volatility as dramatically as it would if institutions were […]

Google searches for Ethereum reach a new annual record

The enthusiasm surrounding the Ethereum is far from disappearing, as Google Trends reveals that the number of searches is increasing Ethereum’s recent – impressive – performance has been reflected by an increase in Google searches that are fast approaching levels not seen since 2018. Cryptomoeda’s popularity on the Internet has reached an annual peak in […]

Playing Loto without risking losing is possible on Ethereum – What if you voted for the future of decentralized JDF?

We have told you several times about the No-Loser Lottery, Pool Together . Several things come to explain this phenomenon. Beyond its playful aspect, Pool Together is one of the concepts capable of proving the potential of smart contracts and Ethereum: a new type of applications inconceivable before. It is sort of a glimpse into […]

MoAfrika – Afrikas größter Online-Reiseveranstalter akzeptiert jetzt Bitcoin

PRESSEMITTEILUNG. Mit gelockerten Beschränkungen der Sperrmaßnahmen in zahlreichen Ländern der Welt hat Afrika seine Türen für Touristen auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene wieder einmal geöffnet – allerdings mit strengen Gesundheitsvorschriften, um die Sicherheit des gesamten Personals und der Besucher zu gewährleisten. Afrikas größter Online-Reiseveranstalter, MoAfrika, bietet Touristen aus aller Welt die Möglichkeit, den wunderschönen afrikanischen […]

NFT artwork: Batman on the blockchain

NFTs (short for Non Fungible Token) enable traditional art and blockchain technology to merge and are taking the crypto market by storm. Now two greats from both areas are collaborating: comic artist José Delbo and crypto artist Trevor Jones are bringing Batman to the blockchain. DC Comics‘ José Delbo partners with crypto artist Trevor Jones […]

Envoltura del mercado: Bitcoin gana constantemente hasta 10,7 mil dólares; las tarifas de etéreo son las más bajas de los últimos dos meses.

El precio de Bitcoin aumenta constantemente después de las malas noticias de la semana pasada; mientras que los honorarios de Ethereum caen. Bitcoin (BTC) está cotizando alrededor de 10.734 dólares a las 20:15 UTC (4:15 p.m. ET). Ganando un 0,51% en las últimas 24 horas. El rango de 24 horas de Bitcoin: $10,621-$10,775 BTC por […]

Le prix du Bitcoin baisse des heures après que les cofondateurs de BitMEX ont été facturés par la CFTC

La première crypto-monnaie se négociait près de 10612 $ au moment de la rédaction de cet article et représente également une baisse d’environ 4% au cours des dernières 24 heures, selon les données de trading. Les prix ont chuté de près de 300 $ en quelques minutes, mais ont légèrement rebondi au moment de la […]

NovaDax lupaa ilmaisen bitcoinin uudessa kampanjassa Brasiliassa

Mainostaessaan korttinsa julkaisua Brasiliassa NovaDax lupaa antaa bitcoin-bonuksen kampanjaan liittyneille NovaDax lupaa ilmaisen bitcoinin uudessa kampanjassa Brasiliassa Uutiset NovaDAX, Abakus-konsernin kryptovaluuttakauppayksikkö, ilmoitti aloittavansa erityisen kampanjan NovaDAX-kortin käynnistämiseksi. Yrityksen mukaan kampanjassa on siis bonus asiakkaille, jotka aktivoivat korttinsa ja suorittavat joitain toimintoja yrityksen sosiaalisissa verkostoissa. Suurin osa Forbesin Brasiliassa mainitsemista miljardööreistä on osa rahoitus- ja investointisektoria […]

Bitcoin Closes Above $ 10,000 For 63 Consecutive Days, A Record

Bitcoin has held above $ 10,000 for 63 consecutive days. This is its longest lasting above this price, the last dating back to late 2017. Many see this record as a long-term bullish sign for Bitcoin The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards. Bitcoin (BTC) continues to set […]

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